Team Val - Climbing Together

At every show I'm asked I get asked, "Who is Val?"

  1. Val is my niece.
  2. Val lives in the Phoenix. AZ area
  3. Val is a nature loving, amazing woodworking, cat loving gal.
  4. On 1.15.24 Val was the only survivor in a horrific hot air balloon accident south of Phoenix, AZ
  5. Val has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She is currently working hard to heal and regain strength and function to her many broken bones.

A portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold will go directly back to the Stutterheim family.   Insurance covers her immediate medical needs, but unfortunately it doesn't cover all of the expenses she will have for rehabilitation.  Together we can ease some of the financial burden Valerie and her parents are facing as they prepare to bring her home from the hospital to continue her outpatient rehabilitation.

If you would like to follow Valerie's recovery, follow her Go Fund Me page at