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Memory Bowls are a beautiful way to remember a loved one who has passed,  a special time in someone's life or to remember a special clothing item.  The bowls shown are made from a couple of my son's tee shirts.  One remembers a time spent as a camp counselor at Boy Scout camp and the other one remebers a High School track career. 

Use the bowls as a decorative item or as a functional one.  They are perfect used in an entry way to hold keys or on a nightstand to hold loose change.

Send me your tee shirts, woven shirts, hankies or other light to medium weight fabric.  I can make as many bowls as you wish from the fabric and any unused fabric will be returned to you.  You are responsible for the the cost to ship fabric to me.  

Each bowl is made by cutting strips of the supplied fabric,  wrapping in around cotton rope and sewing it together.  I used contrasting thread in the bowls shown, but I can also use matching thread if you wish.  

The white bowl show is my Small size  Base: 3-3.5", Top: 6", Height: 2"

The blue bowl is my Medium size: Base: 4-5", Top 7-7.5" Height 2.5-3"

Large Bowl:  Base: 6", Top 8-9", Height: 3-4"

 Sizes listed are apporximate.  Depending on the fabric used the finished bowl may be a slightly different size.